How Steve Jobs Built An Empire And Then Lost It Overnight

Gamechangers Steve Jobs Biography

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At 23, Steve Jobs had more money then his parents would ever make and, as the cofounder of Apple Computer, a product that would change the world forever.A couple years later, he holed himself up in a 17,000 square-foot mansion without furniture, and drove a team of crack engineers mad, pushing them to build the Macintosh.

By the time he was 30, the dream was over and Jobs was on the street, fired from the company he helped to build.

In its compelling new documentary series, Game Changers, Bloomberg TV tells the story of how Jobs lost Apple and then won it back – becoming the world’s most powerful innovator in the process.

Jobs, on the right, attended Reed College for just one year before dropping out

Back in California, he started going to Homebrew computing club meetings at Stanford

There, Jobs met Steve Wozniak

In the garage of Jobs's parents, they started building computers for the home

Their first product was the Apple I, the circuit board inside this computer

Angel investor Mike Markkula buys 33% of Apple for $90,000

The Apple II starts rolling off the assembly line. It's a hit.

Jobs and Wozniak realise they have more money then their parents ever will

Jobs negotiates a deal with to get access to Xerox's R&D department

There, he discovers the mouse and graphical interfaces

Jobs creates an enterprise computer, the LISA. To his dismay, leadership of the project is denied to him

So Jobs comes up with a consumer-friendly computer, the Macintosh

(Meanwhile, Jobs buys this super huge mansion)

The Macintosh won't come with a lot of software, so Jobs persuades Bill Gates to have his company, Microsoft, write software for it

In 1984, the Macintosh launches with a Ridley Scott directed commercial. Apple pays to show it once, news broadcasts re-air it hundreds of times

Weirdly, the Mac is a commercial dud. Jobs and his CEO, John Sculley, fight over resources to build another

Jobs goes to the board and tells it that it's either him or Sculley.

The board chooses John Sculley.

Sculley fires Jobs after Jobs tries to recruit 5 managers to start a new company.

Hooked? Go watch the rest of the story on Bloomberg…

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