Steve Jobs Goes To Work

Steve Jobs, good for Huffpo tout

Update: CNBC reports that Steve reported to work at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters today. We hear he’s been working from home for a while now, so this isn’t crazy news. But it is very, very welcome.

Also, you’ll probably want to read some of the debate below about whether or not any of this is our job to write up.

Earlier: Orac, an anonymous blogger who claims to a be a surgeon, took a closer look at the news reported over the weekend that, about two months ago, Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs had a liver transplant to treat a liver damaged by his pancreatic cancer.

We’re not versed in medical jargon, but one thing is clear: the prognosis isn’t good.

All that can be found in the literature is around less than 200 patients who have ever undergone liver transplant for neuroendocrine tumors [the condition that forced Steve into surgery]. A recent series published out of Mount Sinai reviewed the literature and found five year survival rates for liver transplants for neuroendocrine tumors are all over the map, ranging from 33% to 80%. The series itself reported reported 36% five year survival. However, all of these were very small series, some only a handful of patients; so it’s hard to generalize any conclusions from them. However, it’s the best data available right now. The kindest and most generous characterization that can be made is that that the evidence for treating neuroendocrine tumors metastatic to the liver with liver transplantation is mixed at best.

We’re hoping Steve proves to be as much the exception in this as he has been in business.

Read the entire post at Science Blogs >

Here’s the referenced study on liver transplants done to cure Steve’s condition:

Study on Liver transplants

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