SCVNGR Founder Seth Priebatsch’s Hardest Learned Lesson? “I Probably Gave Up Too Much Of The Company”



Seth Priebatsch has never acted his age. When he was 12-years old, he managed a team based out of Bangalore. Five years later, Priesbatch founded another company with a factory in Hong Kong. Now, Priebatch is 22-years old and three years in as founder and “Chief Ninja” of his current startup – SCVNGR.

“Age doesn’t really matter in the tech world,” Priebatsch tells us. “Just don’t tell people unless they ask.”

Priebatsch has 60 employees working for him at SCVNGR, and he manages his company by hiring people who are better than he is at certain things.

The young entrepreneur tells us how he runs SCVNGR, and reveals his hardest learned lesson yet.

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