How Secure Are Your Audio And Web Conference Calls?

How important is the security of your conference calls? If you consider the disastrous consequences that could arise if the content of your conference calls were compromised, security must surely be at the top of your agenda.

Can you imagine the furore, if for example sensitive details from a conference call which discussed the proposed re-financing of your company’s debt, the sale of your company, the acquisition of one of your competitors, the launch of a new product or solution, the departure of your CEO, etc, fell into the wrong hands?

The leaking of confidential content concerning any of the above scenarios may have serious ramifications for your organisation and, for those companies listed on the stock exchange, could have a huge impact on share prices.

To ensure the confidentially of potentially sensitive information, you should always implement best practice procedures concerning security for each and every one of your conference calls.

This is not difficult to put in place.  The first step is to check the security features delivered by your current conference call service provider.

For example, are the Host and Participants PIN numbers allocated to each customer unique to prevent anyone else accessing a virtual meeting room uninvited? 

In the case of conference calls of a highly sensitive nature, are you able to generate a once only set of PINs for one off conferences? This prevents anyone who you have previously issued with details of your Participant PIN dialling into a conference call to which they are not invited.

 Do you have ‘roll call’ functionality allowing the conference host to verify that only authorised participants are present? Using any handset, the host should be able to easily replay a recording of the name, organisation and other requested details, given by those who have dialled in to join the audio conference, to check for any unauthorised participants.

Do you have the ability, once the participants have all been authenticated, to ‘lock’ your conference to prevent any unauthorised participants joining?

If your conference call requires that you share sensitive data, are you able to quickly and easily switch from an audio only call to a web conferencing session? 

It should be possible for you to issue all the authorised participants in a call with the URL of your web conferencing solution, plus a unique session code. The session code is issued each time a host starts a web conferencing session and participants must enter this to access the data to be shared.

Integrated web conferencing eliminates the need for confidential data to be e-mailed internally or externally with the associated risks and once a web conferencing session ends the information is irretrievable.

The above are simple steps which will help to prevent any breach of security occurring as a result of content from a conference call falling into the wrong hands.

Check that your conference call service provider allows you to put these best practice procedures in place – before it is too late.

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