7 Ways Mitt Romney Would Change Hollywood If Elected

mitt romney hollywood

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Mitt Romney has fewer ties to Hollywood than President Obama. (Clint Eastwood vs. all of young Hollywood, need we say more?)But if Romney were elected president, the entertainment industry would still change. 

Tina Daunt at The Hollywood Reporter listed seven ways Hollywood would change if Romney were elected.

We’ve selected a few of the most interesting: 

  • Anti-piracy legislation would be hindered. Hollywood is working to keep movies and TV shows out of pirate websites where consumers can download them for free. Romney’s ties to Silicon Valley and stance against regulation and SOPA is bad news for Hollywood. 
  • Romney would likely crack down on federal obscenity laws through groups like Morality in Media. That means that TV shows will be scrutinized for inappropriate content. 
  • Meanwhile, Romney would contract the FCC, meaning that the organisation would have difficult acquiring channels in different urban markets. 
  • PBS, NPR and the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities could go away. Romney has said he wants to “zero out all support,” according to THR. 
  • Many of the write-offs and tax benefits Hollywood executives receive would go away. Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has said he wants to overhaul the tax code.

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