Here's How Long It Takes Warren Buffett To Earn Your Salary

In 2013, Warren Buffet made an average of $US37 million — per day.

To put that in perspective for you: Jennifer Lawrence made an estimated $US34 million — in all of 2013.

Buffett currently has the number three spot on Forbes’ World Billionaires List, with a net worth of $US73 billion.

Since “billions” can be hard to grasp, think about this: If Carlos Slim, honorary chairman of America Movil and number two on the billionaires list, combined his wealth with Buffett’s, they could level out the hit Russia’s economy took this past fall.

If your mind isn’t blown yet, try this tool from penny stock trading site Penny Stocks Lab. The site’s fun calculator shows how long it takes Warren Buffet to earn your annual salary based on his earnings in 2013.

We decided to try it out for someone earning $US100,000 per year.

Here’s what it looked like:

First, you enter your salary. If you want to get technical about it, you can enter your take-home, after-tax pay. We used an even $US100,000 to keep things simple.

The calculator then tells you how many minutes or seconds — or hours if your salary is really high — it took for Buffett to earn a whole year’s worth of your income. As you can see, it takes him 3.9 minutes to earn $US100,000.

We also ran the numbers to see how long it would take Buffett to earn $US75,000 (2.9 minutes), $US150,000 (5.8 minutes), and $US500,000 (19.5 minutes). In an hour, he earns $US1.6 million.

If your ego isn’t crushed enough already, the site provides some additional stats about Buffett’s earnings, including the fact that in the time you’ve spent using this calculator, Buffett has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It ends with a ridiculous list of items Buffett could have afforded to buy with the $US13.5 billion he made in 2013. Oh, and that the money you spend on a pint of beer is equal to him dropping a cool $US700,000.

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