The $2 Billion Question: How Much Does Zuckerberg Own?

Everyone agrees: Mark Zuckerberg is a (paper) billionaire. But how exactly how (theoretically) rich is the 23-year-old Harvard dropout? (We won’t tire of writing those last two words anytime soon.)

Depends on whether he owns 20% or 30% of Facebook. Given FB’s new $15 billion valuation, it’s a $2 billion swing. (OK: $1.5 billion, if you’ve got a calculator, but bear with us and round up for argument’s sake)

In the $5 billion, 30% camp: Valleywag, among many others.

In the $3 billion, 20% camp: Among many others, the NYT and the WSJ’s Kara Swisher, who adds a finger-wagging admonition to those who’ve dared to cite the 30% figure.

We shamefully admit that we sometimes still place our faith in the good ol MSM, so we checked in with Valleywag, expecting them to acknowledge a typo or somesuch and move on. Nothing doing: We were politely told that they’re quite secure in their reporting, thank you very much.

We would be happy with either number, of course. In the meantime: Kara, Owen? We’d like front-row seats at the cage match, please.

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