'Early' WhatsApp Employees Will Make $US160 Million Each

Google Toronto employeesBloomberg via Getty ImagesThese are not Whatsapp employees

Yesterday, Facebook bought messaging app WhatsApp for $US19 billion — $US12 billion in stock, $US4 billion in cash, and another $US3 billion in stock grants for employees that will vest over the next four years.

How much will WhatsApp’s employees make in the deal?

We don’t that how that $US3 billion will be divided.

We do know the $US12 billion in cash and $US4 billion in cash will be divided among Whatsapp owners.

Whatsapp employees own a piece of the company.

How much?

Forbes’s Parmy Olson reports: “Early employees are said to have comparatively large equity shares of close to 1%.”

Ready to have your mind blown?

1% of $US16 billion is…

…$160 million.

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