Here's How You'll Talk Differently On Facebook As You Get Older

Wolfram Alpha, the geekiest site on the net, has maintained a service where you can share your Facebook datawith them and they’ll spit out a fantastic analysis.

They made it an option that you can donate your data to the research group so they can study the way we interact on the social network.

As a result of those “data donors,” the Wolfram team has been able to learn a ton about the way people behave on social networks

One fantastic thing the Wolfram team was able to do is to looked at the aggregated text people wrote on their Facebook walls.

We just saw it presented last week at the Wolfram Data Summit, and the folks behind the Wolfram Blog were kind enough to allow us to reprint it.

They were able to classify them by topic and check how its popularity varies with age and sex. So you can see how the topics you talk about vary over time.

Interest in books increases as folks get to high school and college-age and holds steady after.

People get very, very interested in work by the time they're around 25, and then interest peaks around 30.

Women talk about their family and friends much, much more then men. Interestingly enough, people talk the least about family and friends at around 24. But the most common words associated with the category was 'baby,' so this makes sense.

People get less and less interested in fashion as they get old.

Men are slightly more interested in bragging about their fitness regimen on Facebook than women.

It seems people hit peak-foodie around 30.

Older people care about their health more, or maybe just have more reasons to write about people being sick or in the hospital on Facebook.

Guys are more interested in tech buzzwords than women. Gadget love peaks in the mid thirties.


As people's relationships get steadier with age, they stop talking about it so much on Facebook.

Guys talk about movies on Facebook more than women.

Same goes for music, but here you see that the older someone gets the less they want to hit concerts.

People also realise that over-sharing feelings on the Internet is obnoxious as they get older.

Women write about their dogs and cats more than men.

Hereinafter this shall be known as the 'Archie Bunker Curve.'

School-aged people talk about school.

The younger you are, the more you talk about Facebook.

This is actually fascinating. Women are more likely to wish you Happy Birthday than men.


Guys are more into talking about television than women.

People develop a major interest in travel as they approach 30. You can actually see the mid-life crises.

This has a lot to do with people commuting, so it seems to make sense that it's similar to the career+money curve.

Guys talk about video games on the Internet more than women, and the younger you are the more you talk about them.

The older you are, the more your statuses are about the weather.

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