HOW PEOPLE REALLY USE THE iPAD: Our Exclusive Survey Results

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Photo: jencu via flickr

How do people really use their iPads?We wanted to find out, so we surveyed our readers. We received 855 responses, and we’ve assembled the results.

This is the second time we’ve run this survey in the past six months. Where we could, we have compared the results from our this survey to our November survey.

What did we learn? Read on to find out.

Almost half of people taking our survey have an iPad 2

30% of people surveyed have more than one iPad in their home

41% of users are spending 2-5 hours per day with the iPad

Two thirds of people say they have increased their iPad usage since first getting it. Looks like people aren't getting bored.

More people consider it a primary computer now than when we last ran the survey

The iPad is a web surfing machine first and foremost

Yet, people do an equal amount of web browsing on laptops as they do on iPads

29% of people have downloaded over 50 apps

People are paying for a fair amount of apps per device

People ignore a lot of the apps they download

The web browser is still the best way to get news

Fewer people are reading books on their iPad in this survey

iBooks became much more popular

More people bought MacBook Airs

But, the MacBook Air has little affect on iPad usage

iPads and Macbook Airs are not either/or purchases

But, if it were, people would choose the iPad

About half the respondents have a 3G iPad

AT&T is the more popular option. Of course, for iPad 1 owners, it was the only option, really.

People opted for their phone carrier*

*Some people complained that this question was unfair because, when they bought it they had no choice.

Only half of the people with 3G iPads actually use the data plan on a monthly basis

Almost nobody thought about Android

The Xoom was the only tablet that was even a little bit interesting

The non-Android tablets are non-starters

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