These clever photos show how much people look like their parents

Bobby and MackBobby Neel Adams, ‘Family Tree’Photographer Bobby Neel Adams (left) and his father, Mack.

Photographer Bobby Neel Adams always thought he looked like his mother from nose down and his father from nose up.

He explored this question — the ways people look like their parents — in a photo series called “Family Tree.” Starting more than two decades ago, he used analogue photography techniques, lining up two portraits torn down the middle and attaching them with rubber cement.

“This composite photograph could be viewed as an eerie life-map: in fact, the montage of two different family members is sometimes mistaken for a montage of the same person at different stages of life,” Adams wrote about the series.

After seeing a few works by Adams in a new book, “Photoviz,” we collected images from two of his series: “AgeMaps” and “
Memento Mori,” which is being shown in Brooklyn through October 30. Below are some images from “Family Tree.”

Bernadette (47) and Alec (14)

Amy (41) and Audrey (4)

Arthur (94) and Carol (66)

Nancy (63) and Dorothy (87)

Bob (72) and Mike (42)

Greg (46) and Isaac (7)

Hayden (7) and Matt (27)

John (41) and Ronald (69)

Karin (38) and Natalya (10)

Sarah (45) and Mary (79)

Russell (77) and Greg (46)

Sarah (45) and Isabelle (11)

Walter (84) and Andy (50)

Wendy (60) and Liza (23)

Oliver (4) and Beth (36)

Mike (42) and Evan (8)

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