How Painkillers Could Land You In Jail In Dubai

You may know not walk around in Dubai with your shirt off or kiss your partner in public to avoid criminal charges in the United Arab Emirates.

But if you are stopping over in Dubai on Qantas’s new route to Europe, you might also want to double-check the contents of your toiletries kit.

Common painkillers containing a low dose of codeine carry serious ramifications if found on your person or in your bloodstream when you are in Dubai.

Valium and Ritalin-based drugs could also call for tough laws to be enforced, as would some prescribed opioids and multiple psychotropics.

In fact there are almost 400 common medicines listed as restricted or controlled substances in the United Arab Emirates, Australian Doctor reports.

In one incident a British woman was detained in a Dubai jail for eight weeks for being with codeine in her bloodstream, before being released and sent home, reports website You Travel.

In the article, Michael McAuliffe, Executive Director at SureSave, advises against carrying medications with you when you travel to avoid a potential jail sentence.

But you can transit without risk of prosecution if you seek approval from the UAE Ministry of Health before you fly.

This requires sending a doctor’s letter to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for authentication, and then to the UAE Embassy in Canberra for approval from the UAE Ministry of Health at a cost of $60, which could be a small price to avoid the risk of criminal charges.

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