How overcoming her desire to be a perfectionist taught Jodie Fox this valuable business lesson

You know you’re a perfectionist when you organise bottles and jars in height order, labels facing out and grouped in colour segments.

Shoes of Prey’s co-founder Jodie Fox is one of you. In fact, she even takes it to the next level by folding towels all in the same way so that the ends match each other.

While such precise organisation can be conducive to productivity because everything is orderly and categorised, Fox, while building Shoes of Prey, has learnt it also has its downfalls.

“I’m someone who’s very used to just putting things out there once they’re done and perfect,” the former lawyer says.

While she said it was something she still had to fight to overcome, the more important thing to do is “Do everything before you’re ready.”

Here’s what she means by that:

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