How Obama Became President Of YouTube

A 38-minute clip of Barack Obama’s speech on race has more than 2 million views on YouTube (GOOG) since it went up two days ago. How’d that happen? Well, Obama has an inherent appeal for YouTube nation, and the speech is in the news, so that helps too. But we’re guessing it may have gotten a professional push or two as well.

In a self-congratulatory piece in Ad Age, “video view optimizer” Josh Warner explains how his outfit, Feed Co.,  helped promote an earlier Obama video on YouTube, at the behest of ad agency Deutsch. There’s no special sauce here, at least based on what Josh is saying. Just lots of spam:

We reached out to well-known political blogs such as Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, Huffington Post and Media Matters, always including a link to the “Hope Changes Everything” video on YouTube. We also targeted the blogs of regional daily newspapers, such as the Chicago Tribune. We even reached out to music blogs because of the candidate-as-rock-star feel of the video.

Yet in any video seeding, or any marketing campaign for that matter, you’ve got to hit your base. We spent a lot of time seeding the video directly to Obama supporters — sending messages to users on YouTube who had previously uploaded or “favorited” Obama videos and asking them to do the same for our video. We also reached out to Obama groups on Facebook.

Josh says that his plan was to get this clip at least 100,000 views, and so far it’s at 85,000. But we assume that he and other “optimizers” have also gone to work on the Obama speech clip as well. Our question for knowledgeable readers: How much do shops like Josh’s charge for their services? How many of them are there? Who’s the best at this stuff? Let us know in comments below. Or if you’re feeling shy, use our anonymous tip box.

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