How Two Brothers Brought Wagyu Beef To America And Started Selling The Most Expensive Steak In NYC

Marc and Greg Sherry are the brothers behind Old Homestead, one of NYC’s most beloved steakhouses.

The restaurant is known for being one of the city’s oldest, having started out as The Tidewater Trading Post in 1868. It’s also known for having the most expensive cut of meat in town, a $350 piece of Wagyu beef from Kobe, Japan.

“We wanted to find a steak that took it to the next level,” said Marc. “We flew to Japan, tasted it, and absolutely flipped.”

That was 1991. To get that amazing steak to the States, Marc and Greg had to work with the Japanese and American governments to ensure that the meat was up to U.S. health code.

After that, the Wagyu sold itself.

Check out their story in the video below.

Produced by Daniel Goodman

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