How Not To Get Hired By A Major Law Firm

A few years ago, a summer associate at Skadden accidentally sent an e-mail to the entire partnership of the firm saying that he was “busy doing jacks**t.” It wasn’t long before the e-mail was circulating around other law firms. At the time, the New Yorker predicted that the associate would still get an offer from Skadden in spite of his gaffe. And it turns out, he did, because he’s still an associate at Skadden today.

The moral: You can get away with just about anything as a summer associate and still get an offer. Assuming, that is, you actually show up for work…

Above the Law:

[W]hile he was in the NYC office, he would come in around 11, be aggressive in finding an associate/partner to take him out to lunch. After coming back from lunch, he would roll out of the office and hang with his friends. Then, he would come back around 7-ish and order free dinner and take a company car home….The summer then went to [an overseas office]. He apparently didn’t show up to work for three days straight, and then emailed his partner advisor at 11 p.m. asking if he needed to come in that day.

I guess the straw that broke the camel’s back was that he outright refused to work on July 4th, which is obviously not observed in [that country]… Shearman flew him back to NYC, then dismissed him soon after.

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