How NOT To Attract Women

I’ve received lots of positive feedback from Outlaw readers who have taken my recommendation and downloaded David DeAngelo’s excellent e-book, Double Your Dating (you can get it here — through that promotional link, you’ll pay only $19.97, instead of the usual $100 cover price).

Some of the ideas and attraction theories shared in that book are profound.

Here’s my little contribution to the discussion, though. These are surefire ways to screw up and not attract women. If you find yourself guilty of any of these, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your dating “game.”

1. Digital “smothering.” Excessive text messages after the first date, telling her you had a great time or apologizing profusely for being 2 minutes late. Friending her on Facebook or following her on Twitter immediately after the date. Tagging her in photos.

2. Gauging. “Did you have fun? Maybe we can go out again sometime if you had a really good time, and you’re not too busy…” Not exactly the self-confident persona that most women go for! Although, emo/indie is “in” nowadays, so maybe your date will tolerate this.

3. “Surprising” her with flowers at work, showing up to her workplace or class unannounced, leaving notes in her locker or work inbox, etc. These are all things that come across as charming when Ashton Kutcher does it in a movie, but are usually just phenomenally creepy when executed in real life. Keep it simple. If it’s in (500) Days of Summer or The Science of Sleep, you can safely avoid it as an attraction technique.

4. Gifts early on. This is 21st century America, you’re not in a prehistoric nomadic tribe living on a glacial shelf. Therefore, you don’t need to shower a woman with tokens of affection or “offerings” to keep her interest.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments section!