UNTRUSTWORTHY? How Nielsen Sees The Future Of Mobile Display Advertising

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Photo: Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Jonathan Carson, the CEO of Digital for Nielsen, made a presentation at Business Insider’s Mobile Advertising Conference that should make mobile advertisers really worried and excited at the same time.In the last year, alone, mobile use has grown at a breakneck speed. More people using apps means more people exposed to mobile ads (which data in the slideshow suggests is effective).

The problem? Smartphone users hate ads. They don’t trust them or think they have a place on their smartphones.

The numbers say it all.

Here is Nielsen's presentation on the future of mobile display ads.

Here's how things have changed from March 2011 (blue) to March 2012 (yellow).

App engagement is growing much faster than mobile web duration on Android and iOS.

And it's not just the top five apps that are getting love from smartphone users.

It is cause for concern, though, that four out of five smartphone owners don't think that mobile ads belong on their phones.

Very few people trust mobile ads.

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