'American nightmare': How newspapers across the world reported on the shootings in El Paso and Dayton

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  • Two mass shootings in less than 24 hours in the US have inspired heartbreaking and powerful headlines across the country.
  • Many US newspapers have responded to the shootings by criticising President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and calling for new gun laws.
  • Much of the world has also taken notice, with top newspapers in countries across their globe offering their own perspective on violence in the US.
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Following two mass shootings in the US over the weekend in Texas and Ohio, there’s no short of news coverage from American outlets and newspapers.


“So many bodies,” the front page of the Dallas Morning News said in stark terms on its Sunday front page.

Meanwhile, The Boston Globe’s front page on Monday somberly declared: “This is what we’ve become.”

Indeed, national and local news outlets are consumed by these tragedies, which are part of a broader, troubling trend of gun violence in the US.

The wider world has also taken notice of these deadly incidents, and in many cases offered sharp criticism of the US and President Donald Trump in their coverage of the shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

A manifesto from the suspected shooter in El Paso cited the “invasion” of immigrants as the inspiration for the massacre, and echoed language from Trump. With white nationalism on the rise worldwide, this tragedy touched on issues many countries are facing at present.

Here’s how newspapers and news outlets around the world have covered the two shootings.

The Guardian (UK): “Trump accused of fuelling hate after deadly shootings”

TwitterThe Guardian responds to mass shootings in the US.

La Jornada (Mexico): “Terrorist attack against Mexicans…”

TwitterLa Jornada, based in Mexico, described the shooting in El Paso as a terrorist attack against Mexicans.

Die Tageszeitung (Germany): “The White Danger”

TwitterGerman coverage of the El Paso shooting.

Global Times (Chinese state news): “White nationalism feeds off failed globalization adaptation”

TwitterChinese state news coverage on the shooting in El Paso.

Le Monde (France): “Do not be fooled, the United States is a victim of destructive extreme right-wing terrorism.”

Le MondeLe Monde’s coverage of the El Paso shooting focused on right-wing extremism.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia): “US in the midst of a white nationalist terrorism crisis”

TwitterSome Australian news coverage of the El Paso shooting focused on the broader implications.

BBC News (UK): “El Paso and Dayton: Two mass shootings – Will anything change?”

TwitterCoverage on recent mass shootings in the US from the BBC questioned whether the US will do anything to prevent future tragedies.


Jerusalem PostJerusalem Post coverage of the shooting in El Paso.

Der Tagesspiegel (Germany): “Trump’s racism is setting the stage for crimes like this”

Der TagesspiegelGerman coverage of the El Paso shooting has been quite critical of Trump.

NZ Herald (New Zealand): “Mass US shootings must put gun ownership back in the crosshairs”

NZ HeraldThe NZ Herald’s coverage of the Texas and Ohio mass shootings focused on gun ownership.

The i Paper (UK): “American nightmare: Two mass shootings in 24 hours claim 29 lives”

TwitterThe London based i Paper described the mass shootings as part of an ‘American nightmare.’

Vedomosti (Russia): “In the US, the second time in a day there was shooting”

VedomostiThe Moscow-based Vedomosti reported on the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Times of India (India): “US mass shootings: Racism and lax gun control make for a toxic mix”

TwitterThe Times of India pointed to racism and loose gun laws as a big part of the problem in the US.

Der Spiegel (Germany): “Weapon mania, racism, gun shots: America’s new civil war”

Spiegel OnlineDer Spiegel characterised the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton as a sign the US is in a new civil war.

El Universal (Mexico): “In the US it is easier to buy a weapon than a coffee or a hamburger”

El UniversalEl Universal in Mexico looked at how easy it is to obtain firearms in the US after the mass shootings.

The Globe and Mail (Canada): “America’s undiagnosed sickness continues: White supremacy has been here for two centuries”

The Globe and MailThe Globe and Mail in Canada published an op-ed on white supremacy in America after the shootings.

Morgunblaðið (Iceland): “Alarmingly disastrous Donald Trump”

MorgunblaðiðMorgunblaðið in Iceland criticised Trump for the error he made in suggesting the Dayton shooting took place in Toledo.

Daily Record (Scotland): “BLOOD ON HIS HANDS: Trump hate-speak blamed for U.S. mass shootings”

TwitterThe Glasgow-based Daily Record said Trump has ‘blood on his hands’ after the mass shootings.

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