The 'Black Mirror' creator was originally hesitant about making Netflix's interactive movie 'Bandersnatch'

NetflixFionn Whitehead (far left) stars as the main protagonist of ‘Bandersnatch.’ The viewer is in control of whether or not he finishes completing a choose-your-own-adventure game he undertakes.
  • Netflix‘s first interactive film for adults, “Bandersnatch,” was released Friday.
  • The streaming service provided INSIDER with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of its “Black Mirror” movie.
  • In it, “Black Mirror” creator and writer Charlie Brooker said he initially wasn’t sure about making an interactive movie. He came around when he had an idea for it.
  • You can watch the full making-of video below and watch “Bandersnatch” here.

Netflix released its first interactive movie for adults, “Bandersnatch,” on the streaming service in December.

The “Black Mirror” project was a culmination of nearly two years of work and allows users to choose various options that significantly affect their viewing experience. Each of the story’s five main endings can play out in multiple ways, and, depending on the choices made, a viewing experience can take anywhere from around 50 to 90 minutes.

But when the streaming service approached “Black Mirror” writer and creator Charlie Brooker, he wasn’t originally sold on the idea.

“Netflix asked us if we’d be interested in doing an interactive story ever. My initial thought was, ‘No. I don’t want to do that,'” said Brooker in INSIDER’s exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how “Bandersnatch” came together.

The “Black Mirror” creator and producers wanted to make sure the interactive element didn’t feel like a gimmick. It needed to add something extra and make sense in the world of the show. If you’ve ever watched “Black Mirror,” many episodes of the series takes a look at the effects of a different piece of technology on the world for better, or usually, worse.

Eventually, Brooker who changed his mind.

“Annoyingly, I had an idea that fit,” Brooker said and started making a flowchart of the many possible outcomes and avenues the story could take.

Bandersnatch choiceNetflix‘Bandersnatch’ is a choose-your-own-adventure game in a story about a teen working on his own choose-your-own-adventure game. This is one of many prompts viewers see while watching ‘Bandersnatch.’

The film isn’t Netflix’s first foray into interactive TV. The company previously released several interactive kids’ specials to see if the concept could work before moving onto an adult project.

Puss in book netflix interactive showNetflix‘Puss in Book’ is one of a few kids’ shows which has received the interactive treatment before Netflix decided to try an adult-oriented project.

“Bandersnatch” wound up becoming a much more expansive undertaking than Brooker may have thought as he constantly added more details to the story. In a release, Netflix said there are more than a trillion unique variations of the film a viewer can experience.

According to Wired, Netflix created a tool called Branch Manager, which may make it easier for future filmmakers and creators to write interactive stories for the streaming service.

You can learn more about what went into the creation of “Bandersnatch” in the video below. “Bandersnatch” is currently available to watch on Netflix here.

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