This Team Is The Best Bargain In Baseball

Everybody knows the experience of attending any sporting event is greatly improved if the team you’re rooting for actually wins. We are almost a quarter of the way into this year’s MLB season and it is about that time when the aura of opening day has worn off. The meat of the season is ahead of us, but let’s look at some statistics on which MLB tickets have been a bargain thus far.

Using secondary ticket market data from SeatGeek, we can create a ratio of a team’s average ticket price compared to their number of wins. Theoretically, fans are willing to pay more to see the league’s top performing teams.

This ratio can also show which teams tend to draw a high average ticket price regardless of how they are performing in the wins and losses column. The following chart displays the three highest and lowest teams in terms of average ticket price to wins ratio: For this ratio, the best bargain teams are going to have a lower score (Indians, Royals, and Pirates). Teams with high ratios (Red Sox, Blue Jays, and Giants) have either a low number of wins or a high average ticket prices which results in less of a relative bargain.

MLB tickets

Currently, the best bargain is with the Cleveland Indians. The Indians are tied for the best record in baseball, but their ticket prices don’t reflect the sentiment. All of the three best bargain teams have had poor records the past few seasons. Therefore, even though they are performing well in terms of their record this year, there might be a lag effect from previous seasons on their current ticket demand.

The Boston Red Sox have the highest average ticket prices and price to win ratio so far this season. However, their record isn’t all that stellar. Boston Red Sox tickets are always tough to come by. It’s no secret that Boston has some of the most loyal fans in the U.S., if not the world. The World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are also towards the top of this list. This is most likely due to the effect of fans wanting to catch the World Champions in action.  These teams are in demand regardless of how they are performing on the field.  Fans just want the chance to see these teams take the field.

Ranked right in the middle of the list at spot number fifteen are the New York Yankees with a ratio of 3.10. Therefore, Yankees tickets are a relatively good value.  This is a little surprising considering the Yankees are one of the league’s marquee teams. One would suspect them to be closer to the ranks of the San Francisco Giants or Boston Red Sox.

It is still early in the season and trends in consumer demand based on a team’s record are still being formed. However, it might be possible to see one of the league’s top performing teams at a relative bargain in the meantime.

Reporting and data for this story contributed by Josh Martin.