How much Twitch pays employees in the US in 2021


Twitch has become a giant in the burgeoning livestreaming industry.

The Amazon-owned company is now staffing up in the US for roles including data engineer, software development engineer, and technical program manager, according to its careers site.

The company has paid six-figure salaries for similar jobs, an analysis by Insider found.

We pored over public data to get a snapshot of Twitch’s salary levels. The data, released by the US Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification, shows how much Twitch offered to pay employees who it wanted to hire in the US through work visas.

Twitch offered certain US staffers between October 2019 and March 2021 annual salaries ranging $US60,000 ($AU81,482) to $US185,000 ($AU251,238) for various roles, according to the data.

These are base salaries, and Twitch may have also offered other forms of compensation such as stock options.

Our full analysis details the base salaries for jobs including software development engineer, data scientist, business intelligence engineer, and more.

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