How Much TV Do People Watch Online?

  This post is brought to you by XFINITY from Comcast. Watch all your favourite shows from anywhere with XFINITY TV. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Comcast or its partners Comcast.This shouldn’t be much of a surprise: With the increasing popularity of Hulu, Netflix, Comcast’s new, and iTunes, TV watching on the Internet is on the rise.

The chart below may not show much of an increase right now, but we’re expecting the time spent watching web video to increase a lot this year. Television networks have also noticed the trend: Most networks are quick to upload popular clips from their own shows to be shared around the Internet the next day.

And more and more equipment manufacturers are building popular streaming services directly into their devices with “smart TVs.” There are also several other set top boxes, smartphones, and tablets that run apps for streaming web TV.

Internet TV audiences are growing and getting younger. Even as time spent on the Internet is declining, more of that time is being dedicated to online video. And the younger, tech-savvy crowds appear to be adopting this trend faster than the older crowds who don’t even know where to start watching their favourite shows online.

Online Video Consumption

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