This is how much income tax people pay in every major city around the world

Investment bank UBS recently published its “Prices and Earnings” research note for 2015, tracking everything from taxes, incomes and working hours to the how long it takes the average person to earn enough for an iPhone or a Big Mac.

One of the graphics that comes with the report is on income taxes and social security contributions, showing just how heavy those personal and work-related taxes are around the world. The figures are for a select group of professions that UBS profiled, a full list of which can be seen below the graphic.

There’s a huge range, from Copenhagen where income taxes sit at 44.7%, to cities like Buenos Aires, Doha and Dubai where the rate is at 0%.

Here are the charts:

For the data, UBS used the salaries of department managers, hospital nurses, financial analysts, electrical engineers, construction workers, industrial technicians, female industrial workers, call centre agents, cooks, female sales assistances, public sector primary school teachers, product managers, secretaries, automobile mechanics, bank credit clerks and bus drivers.

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