How Much Bank Execs Paid Themselves With Your TARP Cash (VIDEO)

Dennis Moore, a Representative from Kansas asked the CEOs of all the banks, “How much taxpayer money did you get and how much salary did you get in 2008?” We have the clip below of all the CEOs droning out their response. Nobody got a bonus. 

Moore then asked who was getting what for 2009. Other than Viki Pandit, who’s getting $1 in salary for 2009, nobody plans on changing their salary and nobody knows what 09 holds as far as bonuses are concerned.

Courtesy of Dealbook, here’s what they said: Mr. Stumpf (Wells Fargo): $25 billion (in TARP). $850,000 salary. No bonus. Mr. Pandit (Citi): $45 billion. $1 million salary. No bonus. He will take $1 salary until Citi turns a profit again. Mr. Mack (Morgan Stanley): $10 billion. $800,000 salary. No bonus. Mr. Logue (State Street): $2 billion. $1 million salary. No bonus. Mr. Lewis (Bank of America): $15 billion. $1.5 million salary. No “incentive.” Mr. Kelly (Bank of New York): $3 billion. $1 million salary. No bonus. Mr. Dimon (JP Morgan): $25 billion. $1 million salary. No bonus. Mr. Blankfein (Goldman Sachs): $10 billion. $650,000 salary. No bonus.

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