How Much Of The 'Air' In Netflix Was A Phony Push Caused By The Fed?


A chart of NFLX and some thoughts.

There are good and valid reasons for this 75% drop in 4 months. The stock deserved to have gotten crushed. But this is more than just bad company news. There are a bunch of other “names” that have been slammed to the ground of late (FSLR/MCP etc). Those who listened to the TV hosts, stockbrokers and “smart guy” talk over drinks deserve everything they get. But I have to ask,

“How much of the ‘air’ in NFLX was just a phony push caused by Ben Bernanke’s Fed?” The answer is that Ben’s contribution to this stockholder debacle is not zero. All the Fed talkers have said again and again they want to force people to buy risk assets. They succeeded. And along the way those that listened to Ben got stepped on.

For sure this will happen again and again. When money has no intrinsic value due to ZIRP it will create froth in prices of stocks, commodities and bonds. I can’t think of a dumber policy than that. I hope that Bernanke followed his own advice and loaded up on NFLX.

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