How Much Money Did The Banking CEOs Make Today?


This kind of analysis is always a little silly, though you do have to wonder whether these highly paid banking CEOs had something better to be doing on the shareholder’s (and taxpayer’s) dime than sitting in front of a bunch of know-nothing Congressional blowhards.

Anyway, based on his 2007 rate, notes RecessionWire, Lloyd Blankfein would’ve earned $245,000 for the day’s work, while Jamie Dimon would’ve got about $68,000.

That being said, we know they’re not getting anywhere near that much these days. Today’s testimony might’ve been worth a nice lunch. Maybe.

Although… If you think that their stirring testimony was responsible for the rise in bank share prices — which is obviously a big part of their net worth and income, especially if they mark their holdings to market each year, they may have won themselves a huge payday.