Here's how much an IUD costs with Obamacare -- and without

The incoming presidential administration has women concerned about access to contraception.

In fact, Planned Parenthood of Illinois has seen appointments for IUDs — an implantable form of birth control that can last for a certain amount of years — up 82% since the election, The Chicago Tribune reports.

The Affordable Care Act covers the device, as well as other forms of contraception like birth control pills. But with Republican lawmakers interested in repealing the act, future coverage is now less certain.

So Amino, a consumer healthcare company, compiled data from 620,000 women with insurance to find out how much getting an IUD — specifically the Mirena, a hormonal device that lasts up to five year — costs in every state, looking at the median procedure cost.

It’s important to note that for some, the cost might be entirely covered, while others might be on the hook for some parts of the procedure. The median prices ranged anywhere from $187 in Rhode Island to $736 in Alaska.

Here’s how much it might cost without the ACA. With the cost of the device added back in, the price gets to be more than $1,000 in most states.

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