'How much is the iPhone X?': A cost breakdown of the entire iPhone X family

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderWhen figuring out how much an iPhone X will cost you, you first need to decide what specific model you want.

  • When figuring out how much the iPhone X costs, you first have to figure out which of the four different models in the iPhone X family you want, and at what storage capacity.
  • Apple no longer directly sells the iPhone X, but the phone is available through carriers and at retailers starting around $US640.
  • The iPhone XR costs $US749 for 64GB, $US799 for 128GB, and $US899 for 256GB.
  • The iPhone XS costs $US999 for 64GB, $US1149 for 256GB, and $US1349 for 512GB.
  • The iPhone XS Max costs $US1099 for 64GB, $US1249 for 256GB, and $US1449 for 512GB.
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Recently, Apple introduced a handful of new models in the iPhone X line. The original iPhone X, released in 2017, is no longer offered directly by Apple (though you can buy it from carriers and a large number of third-party retailers).

In addition to the iPhone X, there are now three other models to choose from: the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

The major features of the iPhone X

IPhone XHollis JohnsoniPhone X models feature edge-to-edge displays with a small notch at the top.

The iPhone X kicked off the iPhone redesign. This model introduced features that are now common on all the other handsets in the X line – the edge-to-edge display with almost no visible bezel is the most obvious design element.

But it also replaced Touch ID with Face ID, and that in turn created the infamous notch – the screen is interrupted at the top with a cutout for various cameras and sensors.

Because of the almost bezel-free design, the iPhone X packs a 5.8-inch display into a handset that’s only barely larger than the screen itself. It has dual 12-megapixel cameras (both wide-angle and telephoto).

The key differences between the iPhone X models

All of the other iPhone models are variations (and improvements on) the iPhone X. The newer iPhone X models have a faster CPU and faster wireless charging. But here are the major differences:

  • The iPhone XR is intended to be the more affordable model in the iPhone X family. The display isn’t quite as sophisticated; it doesn’t feature an OLED display like all the other iPhone X models do. It has a slightly larger display (6.1 inches) than the basic X, and comes in a variety of colours (blue, white, black, yellow, coral, and red). It lacks dual wide angle and telephoto cameras, but otherwise the cameras and most of the hardware are identical to the iPhone XS.
  • The iPhone XS is a limited upgrade over the iPhone X; it has the same size screen as the original iPhone X as well as the dual cameras. It boasts slightly better water resistance as well.
  • The iPhone XS Max is a supersized version of the iPhone XS, much like the way the iPhone 7 Plus is a bigger version of the iPhone 7. It has a 6.5-inch display, and a longer battery life thanks to a bigger battery in the larger frame.
IPhone XS / XS Max / XRAppleFrom left to right: the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

How much each iPhone X model costs

The iPhone X is no longer sold by Apple, so the price will vary depending on the retailer or carrier. On Amazon, you can find the iPhone X 64 GB for about $US640 and the 256GB model for about $US730.

The iPhone XR is available in three storage capacities:

  • iPhone XR with 64GB costs $US749
  • iPhone XR with 128GB costs $US799
  • iPhone XR with 256GB costs $US899
IPhone XRGetty ImagesThe iPhone XR is the cheapest of the expanded iPhone X family.

The iPhone XS also comes in three varieties:

  • iPhone XS with 64GB costs $US999
  • iPhone XS with 256GB costs $US1149
  • iPhone XS with 512GB costs $US1349
IPhone XSJustin Sullivan/Getty ImagesThe iPhone XS features a crisper display than the XR.

The iPhone XS Max also comes in the same three capacities, but each is slightly more expensive due to the larger display:

  • iPhone XS Max with 64GB costs $US1099
  • iPhone XS Max with 256GB costs $US1249
  • iPhone XS Max with 512GB costs $US1449
IPhone XS MaxHollis Johnson/Business InsiderThe iPhone XS Max is the largest iPhone currently available.

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