Taco Bell Is The Worst-Paying Fast Food Company, In-N-Out Burger Is The Best

Fast food workers across the country are striking for better wages

The strikers are seeking to make $15 an hour—about twice the minimum wage in most states.

We reached out to Glassdoor to find out how much the top fast food companies pay workers. 

Only one of the companies pays crew members above $10 an hour on average. 

Taco Bell ($7.37 an hour) 

taco bell worker

Wendy’s ($7.39 an hour) 

Wendy's restaurant

Burger King ($7.72 an hour) 

Dunkin’ doughnuts ($7.82 an hour) 

dunkin' doughnuts worker

McDonald’s ($7.81 an hour) 

McDonald's Employee

Dairy Queen ($7.92 an hour)

Chick-Fil-A ($7.96 an hour) 

chick fil a

Subway ($7.98 an hour) 

subway sandwich artist

Jamba Juice ($8.18 an hour) 

jamba juice staff

Noodles & Company ($8.29 an hour)

noodles & company staff

Panera Bread ($8.36 an hour) 

panera bread worker

Chipotle ($8.57 an hour)

In-N-Out Burger ($10.53 an hour)

In-N-Out Burger employees

Do you work at one of these companies? Tell us about it by emailing [email protected] 

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