This is how much every NATO member spends on its military

The chart below shows just how much each member of NATO spent on its military last year.

United States’ share is huge. In 2014, the US spent about $US582 billion (£400 billion) on military expenditure, almost three times more than all the other NATO states combined.

Across the pond, Britain captured the second largest share with $US55 billion (£36 billion) invested in its armed forces. However, this is less than a tenth of what the US spent.

Not all NATO members spent the same percentage of GDP on its military. Germany’s $US44.30 billion (£23.65 billion) expenditure represents just 1.15% of its GDP, while Estonia’s $US430 million (£280 million) invested in its military accounted for around 2% of its GDP in 2014.

The set of data was published today by the European Military Network (ELN) in a report on this year’s budgets in every member state.

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