Look how much cheaper everything used to be

Your dollar used to go a lot further.

In 1955, 60 years ago, McDonald’s fries went for $US0.10. Today, a small fry will cost you $US1.29.

That price change is at least in part due to inflation: A dime in 1955 equates to $US0.89 today, according to the US Inflation Calculator.

We took a look at what 16 things used to cost in the US over the last century and what they cost today. The differences may surprise you.

Noelia de la Cruz contributed to an earlier version of this article.

The cost of raising a child in 1995 averaged $145,000. Today it costs $245,000.

$US145,000 in 1995 = $US227,051 in 2015

Source: US Department of Agriculture

An ounce of gold sold for $58 in 1972. Today it costs $1,108.

$US58 in 1972 = $US331.12 in 2015

Source: National Mining Association and Goldprice.org

The price of one US stamp in 1971 was $0.08. Today it is $0.49.

$US0.08 in 1971 = $US0.47 in 2015

Source: Priceofstamp.com and Stamps.com

A pack of cigarettes sold for $0.45 in 1968. Today a pack can cost up to $14.50.

$US0.45 in 1968 = $US3.09 in 2015

Source: The Evening Independent, March 19, 1968 and International Business Times

The price of tuition at Yale University was $1,950 in 1967. Today it is $47,600 (plus $8,200 for room and $6,400 for board).

$US1,950 in 1967 = $US13,932 in 2015

Source: The Robesonian, 'College Tuition Costs On Rise,' Feb. 1, 1967 and YaleNews.

The median price of a new home in 1963 was $18,000. Today it is about $282,800.

$US18,000 in 1963 = $US140,375 in 2015

Source: US Census

A movie ticket cost $0.50 in 1962. Today it costs as much as $15 for adults.

$US0.50 in 1962 = $US3.95 in 2015

Source: Baby Boomer Headquarters

A child's ticket to Disneyland cost $0.35 in 1956. Today it costs $93 (ages 3 to 10).

$US0.35 in 1956 = $US3.07 in 2015

Source: Vintage Disneyland Ticket Books and Disney

McDonald's fries sold for $0.10 in 1955. A small fry costs $1.29 today.

$US0.10 in 1955 = $US0.89 in 2015

Source: CBS News and Menu Prices

A 24-pack of Budweiser cost $2.93 in 1954. Today it costs $19.99.

$US2.93 in 1954 = $US25.99 in 2015

Source: Predatory Pricing In A Market Economy and LiquorMart

The average price of a new car in 1950 was $1,510. Today it is $31,252.

$US1,510 in 1950 = $US14,952 in 2015

Source: The People History and US News

A box of Corn Flakes cost $0.12 in 1945. Today a similar sized box costs $3.68 at Walmart.

$US0.12 in 1945 = $US1.59 in 2015

Source: Food Timeline and Walmart

The price of a dozen eggs in 1925 was $0.40. Today it averages $2.57, and the price is expected to continue to rise.

$US0.40 in 1925 = $US5.45 in 2015

Source: Food Timeline, BLS and Reuters

The price of gas in 1923 was $0.21 per gallon. Today it averages $2.75 per gallon.

$US0.21 in 1923 = $US2.93 in 2015

Source: The Evening Independent, Aug. 14, 1923 and AAA

The price of a pound of coffee in 1900 was $0.15. Today it costs around $4.69.

Source: BLS and 24/7 Wall St

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