Look How Much Cheaper Everything Used To Be

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The dollar has lost 90 per cent of its value since the early 1900s.This dramatic devaluation has crushed anyone who kept money in cash, and it has hurt workers when wages failed to keep up with inflation.

There’s also a psychological impact for Americans who can remember when a bottle of Coke cost only 5 cents. It’s not surprising people are obsessed with gold these days.

The cost of raising a child in 1995 averaged $145,000. Today it costs $227,000.

An ounce of gold sold for $58 in 1972. Today it costs $1,664.

Source: Goldprice.net

The price of one U.S. stamp in 1971 was 8 cents. Today it is 45 cents.

A pack of cigarettes sold for 45 cents in 1968. Today it costs up to $11.

The price of tuition at Yale was $1,950 in 1967. Today it is $38,300.

The median new home in 1963 cost $17,200. Today it is about $212,000.

Source: U.S. Census

A movie ticket cost 50 cents in 1962. Today it costs as much as $13.

A child's ticket to Disneyland cost 35 cents in 1956. Today it costs $80.

A McDonald's burger sold for 15 cents in 1955. It costs as much as $1.96 today.

Source: Food Timeline and USA Today

A 24-pack of Budweiser cost $2.93 in 1954. Today it costs $19.99.

The average price of a new car in 1950 was $1,510. Today it is $30,748.

A box of Corn Flakes cost 12 cents in 1945. Today a similar sized box costs $3.79.

Source: Food Timeline

The price of a Coca-Cola bottle in 1944 was 5 cents. Today a similar size bottle costs 89 cents.

Source: Food Timeline and WSJ

A Hershey Bar sold for 5 cents in 1937. A similar size bar costs 99 cents today.

Source: Food Timeline

The price of gas in 1923 was 21 cents per gallon. Today it averages $3.84 per gallon.

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