MoviePass will charge you up to $6 extra to see popular movies

  • On Thursday, MoviePass launched “peak pricing.”
  • The added price will range between $US2 and $US6, the company told CNET.
  • S ubscribers who get tickets for movies or showtimes that are in high demand could be hit with the extra charge.

On Thursday, MoviePass sent out an email to its over 3 million subscribers announcing that “peak pricing” had taken effect.

The surcharge, as Business Insider reported in June, applies to movies and showtimes that are in high demand.

Red bolt moviepassMoviePassA red bolt icon will indicate peak pricing that that showtime.

Before ordering tickets, you will be notified on your app that the movie or showtime is in high demand and you may be asked to pay a “small additional fee,” the company said in the email.

The charge will total $US2 to $US6, according to CNET.

A red bolt icon will indicate showtimes for which peak pricing is in effect. A grey bolt icon will indicate that the showtime is not at its peak pricing level yet but is nearing it.

MoviePass also plans to launch a “Peak Pass” in the coming weeks, according to the email, with which subscribers can waive one peak fee each month.

The peak pricing will be rolling out over the next several weeks, according to the email.

Lowe told Business Insider the peak pricing was meant to “make sure that we can continue to offer a valuable service and support the whole enterprise.”

Subscribers who signed up for the MoviePass annual plan will not be subject to peak pricing.

By the end of the summer, MoviePass subscribers can also expect announcements on a bring-a-friend option to the app – which will allow you to buy an extra ticket using MoviePass – as well as a premium price option in which you can use the app to get tickets to Imax or Real 3D movies.

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