Mo'Nique Loses 80 Pounds, Tweets Photos Of Her Transformational Journey

Mo'Nique‘Let me stop being selfish, and eating everything.’

On November 6th, 45-year-old “Precious” actress Mo’Nique began a weight loss journey that she has since documented daily on her website and Twitter account.

After nearly seven months of lifting weights, running, doing yoga, playing basketball and other activities, the Oscar-winning actress has lost 80 pounds.

Mo’Nique told The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Radio Show that she currently weighs 218 pounds after “tipping 300” when she starred in the 1999 sitcom “The Parkers.”

“My goal is between 190 and 200,” she continued, adding that she’s already very happy with her results. 

Despite the success in her professional life, she wanted to get her personal life (and weight) under control.

So in November, she started to hit the gym and began documenting her daily workouts.

She recorded her steps, taking a minimum of 10,000 per day.

She started trying unique workouts.

And didn't let herself quit.

She says her inspiration is her family.

And wanting to be able to hold her future grandchildren.

She started to feel great.

And continued to express the importance of both physical and mental wellness.

She quickly started to see results.

She upped her 30 sit-ups to 50 sit-ups per day.

Incorporated yoga into her routine.


And even worked out while away on vacation.

The results started to show.

She reached for higher goals.

And continued to try new work outs.

Throughout her journey, fans followed along on her Twitter account and personal website.

She offered tons of inspirational advice.

From wild child to humanitarian and health activist ...

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