How Mike Lazerow’s Life Has Changed Since Buddy Media Was Acquired For $689 Million

Mike Lazerow Buddy Media
Mike Lazerow

[credit provider=”Daniel Goodman / Business Insider”]

Mike Lazerow has started a number of successful businesses. His latest is Buddy Media, which was acquired last year by Salesforce for about $680 million.We saw him this morning at South by Southwest and asked, “How has your life changed since the acquisition?”

He replied, “I work harder.”

We noted that was unusual. Shouldn’t he be relaxing on a beach somewhere? Normally you work hard to sell your company, then you get to relax. Lazerow says that isn’t his personality.

Lazerow says he learned his work ethic from his grandfather, who worked until the day he died at age 97. “He was literally washing his car when he died, and we all basically cheered, because we thought, you know, that’s a great way to go,” he explained.

Lazerow says his grandfather always told him to work hard, so your brain never grows old, to eat healthy, and to exercise. The easiest one of those things to accomplish, Lazerow says, is the work. It’s too tempting to veg out. In addition, he says he really admires his new employer, Marc Benioff, and the business he’s created, which motivates him to work even more.

That said, there is some beach time ahead for Lazerow. His children’s spring break is coming up, and the family will be jetting off to Turks and Caicos.