Here's How Mercedes-Benz Tested Its New Self-Driving Car

Last week, we reported Mercedes-Benz is getting ready to release the 2014 S-Class with an autonomous steering system. It will be the first car on the market that can fully drive itself.

In case you were wondering how the automaker can be confident the car will safely steer itself in real world conditions, these photos show how the testing process works.

It starts in the “Moving Base” driving simulator, which looks something like a lunar lander. It is big enough to contain a car; simulated images of the test car’s surroundings are projected around its interior. A turntable turns the car, according to Automotive Engineering International.

The Moving Base driving simulator.

Photo: Daimler

Mercedes-Benz employees check out what is happening on computer screens outside the simulator.

Photo: Daimler

Testing on the road is more straightforward: The S-Class drives behind an inflatable “Mercedes,” which is towed by another car. Any collision will be registered, but will not harm the S-Class.

Photo: Daimler

Photo: Daimler

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