CHART: How Women Spend Their Time Vs. How Men Spend Their Time

Although we have made great strides towards women’s equality over the last few decades, men and women still spend their time in different ways.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics runs an annual survey of Americans asking how they use their time. The survey results are broken down into a number of different demographic groups.

Women still spend more time doing household activities (a little over two hours a day, versus about an hour and fifteen minutes for men) and taking care of family members (40 minutes for women, against 20 minutes for men).

Men spend about an hour and fifteen minutes per day more than women at work and work-related activities, and men have about fifty minutes more daily leisure time than women.

This divide is even more noticeable when one looks at the sub-categories of household activities. Women spend almost an hour per day on housework and about forty-five minutes on food preparation and cleanup. Men spend only about seventeen minutes per day on each of these activities.

While things have gotten more egalitarian, these data still show echoes of 50’s-style gender roles.

BLS made this chart showing how men and women vary in their time use, based on the 2012 survey results.

(Via Derek Thompson)

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