Former McDonald's Employee Describes How McRibs Are Made

A former McDonald’s worker has come forward to describe how McRibs are made.

The man, who worked there 20 years ago, tells The Consumerist that this alleged photo of an uncooked McRib looked identical to the McRib he remembers.

“The preparation of the McRib consisted of grilling the frozen patties, then placing them into a large container full of McRib sauce for the remainder of the day,” he tells Consumerist. “This process would take place in the morning, so that our lunch customers would be able to have meat that had been marinating for at least an hour. By the end of the night we had usually run out of meat.”

Somehow, we doubt these dubious stories about the McRib will deter longtime fans of the cult classic.

To refresh your memory, here’s a photo of the alleged frozen McRib:

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