A Step-By-Step Look At How McDonald's Makes Its Fries

mcdonalds fries

Photo: Screengrab from McDonaldsCanada on YouTube

McDonald’s Canada has put together a run-through of how it makes its fries as part of initiative to answer questions from customers.It starts at the farms, which then take the potatoes to McCain where they’re prepped to ship off to McDonald’s stores around the country.

We’ve put together a step-by-step look at the process.

It all starts at the farm – in this case, Leveque Farms, one of McDonald's Canada's potato suppliers.

Multiple pieces of machinery are used. Here's the harvester that picks up the potatoes.

Then, it moves the potatoes over to a truck via conveyor belt.

And the trucks head out to a sorting station.

Most of the dirt and rocks are removed.

And there are people at the end of the belt to pick out what's missed.

The potatoes are put onto a truck again, and then it's off to McCain's plant.

The plant receives potatoes from approximately 30 growers in the local region. First, the potatoes are washed.

Then they're pushed through the peeling system.

Next, the potatoes need to be cut by this big device.

Here's what turns those whole potatoes into strips.

Now it's time to blanch the potatoes.

The blancher removes the natural sugars from the potato strips to prevent variation in the colour once they're re-cooked.

It also adds another ingredient to prevent graying throughout the process.

Now, the strips must go through a drying process to remove any excess moisture.

Finally, the strips are fried for 45 to 60 seconds.

They're frozen and packaged for the trip they're about to take.

And then shipped off to McDonald's locations.

At the restaurant, they're put into the fryer.

Fries at McDonald's Canada are cooked with 100 per cent vegetable oil.

Then they get dumped at the fry station, salted and put into the red packaging.

How much salt is in one batch of fries? Scott Gibson, supply chain manager at McDonald's Canada demonstrates the device workers use to add the salt.

Here's how much salt is in one basket — which is equivalent to about four medium fries.

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