Here's how Mark Zuckerberg chooses who sits next to him at the Facebook office

During Fast Company’s recent in-depth look into Facebook’s plansfor the future — which includes artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and drones — one employee offered some interesting insight into the way CEO Mark Zuckerberg decides who sits next to him.

It turns out that Zuckerberg has a “signature move” to help him “absorb new material,” where he places teams near to his desk that in charge of new initiatives or areas he’d like to learn more about.

Yann LeCun, a New York University faculty member and head of Facebook’s AI Research headquarters in Manhattan, told Fast Company that Mark Zuckerberg actually shuffled the seating order of the office so that artificial intelligence researchers who were located at its main campus would be in his direct vicinity.

“When we moved to the new building, we ended up being separated from Zuck by about 10 yards,” LeCun explained. “He said, ‘No, this is too far, move closer.’ ”

This is not the first time Zuckerberg has gravitated his hired talent closer to him. When Facebook was preparing to launch its Timeline feature in 2011, he required that Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom and other key design talent sit within arm’s length of the boss’ desk.

You can read the whole Fast Company interview here.

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