How Many Years Of Tax Returns Is Mitt Romney Demanding To See From His VP Candidates?

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Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Mitt Romney is presumably deep in the process of vetting his VP candidates, making sure they don’t have any hidden secrets that will embarrass him later.And he’s also probably trying to figure out what kind of people his VP candidates are and how they handle money–that sort of thing.

And one of the key set of documents Romney’s investigative team is probably poring over are tax returns.

So, Mitt Romney can presumably understand why the calls for him to release his own tax returns have not stopped with the passage of time.

Nor should they.

By the way, here’s what I think Mitt Romney is hiding by refusing to release his tax returns (nothing too scandalous, but nothing that will help him, either). But I wish he would hurry up and release them, so we can all focus on more important things.

And, yes, I’d be happy to see President Obama’s college transcripts, too, now that everyone seems to think there’s something embarrassing hidden in there.

So, how about this? How about Romney releases his tax returns and Obama releases his college records?


I think so.

These folks want to be the President of the United States, after all.

Let the document production begin…

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