Goldman: Amazon Sold Up To 50,000 Kindles In Q1 (AMZN)


We’re still throwing darts at Amazon’s Kindle sales numbers. But now we have a few more guesstimates to go on. Last week Citi’s Mark Mahaney figured that Amazon had sold somewhere between 10,000 and 30,000 e-readers during Q1. Now Goldman’s James Mitchell guesses that Amazon (AMZN) sold between 25,000 and 50,000 during the same period.

How’d he get there? By looking at Amazon’s “unearned revenue” line item and backing out other items: Amazon recorded about $80 million in unearned revenue on its balance sheet in Q1; James figures $40 million of that comes from gift cards and other items, and that $30 million of that is from the retailer’s “Prime” program.

He figures the remaining $10 million comes from Kindle payments, which are booked over 24 months: $10 million divided by the Kindle’s $400 purchase price would mean 25,000 units sold. Bump up the Kindle portion of the line item to $20 million and you get 50,000 sold.

Sound reasonable to our Kindle lovers out there? Let us know in comments.

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