A Tour de France cyclist burns 6,071 calories a day — here’s how many Chipotle burritos that is

On July 1, cyclists from around the world began the 104th Tour de France — the world’s largest annual sporting event.

This year’s route is 2,199 miles long. That’s a lot of pedalling!

Each day participants ride, on average, about 100 miles and burn some 6,071 calories, according to Inside Science, a science news site run by the American Institute of Physics.

That’s almost an unthinkable amount of calories. To help put it into perspective, we teamed up with the folks at Inside Science, which originally calculated how many jelly doughnuts you’d have to eat to generate enough energy to keep up with a Tour de France cyclist on race day. Turns out it’s 32!

Here are some more popular foods, and how many of each you’d have to eat to compete. Of course this is not what Tour de France cyclists actually eat while competing!


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