How Macy's and Samsung use Twitter to reach customers

Twitter’s new ad capabilities, which are under a new program called Twitter Audience Platform, enables brands to push various ad formats — including promoted tweets, promoted videos, and mobile app promotion products — on Twitter’s partnering mobile apps. For example, if an advertiser purchases a promoted video campaign on Twitter, the new ad program can transform that into an in-app video that targeted consumers can see on the Words With Friends app.

Twitter claims that this will let brands reach an additional 400 million users. While the company has allowed some brands to push ads to Twitter’s partnering mobile apps since last year with its Twitter Publisher Network, the rebranded program allows more brands access to Twitter’s mobile app partners.

Three companies are claiming that Twitter’s Audience Platform has already helped their brand with awareness and engagement online:

  • Macy’s launched a shoppable ad on the social media platform for a makeup line with a “Shop Now” button that took customers to a landing page for buying the products. The department store retailer achieved a 7.85% engagement rate with customers through this ad campaign.
  • JBL Audio reached 70% more consumers than it usually does with posting just Promoted Tweets alone. Twitter users clicked on JBL’s advertisements at a rate of 8%, which is 15 times the industry average on Twitter.
  • Samsung UK’s video advertisements had a view rate 365% higher through Twitter Audience Platform versus Promoted Videos on Twitter alone.

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