How Macquarie Bank's senior executives carved up $124 million in pay between them

Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images

The senior executive team at Macquarie Bank, which today posted another record profit of $2.21 billion, shared $124 million in pay in 2016.

The company’s annual report released today shows the top earner as CEO Nicholas Moore with total remuneration of $18.71 million, a rise of 3% or $554,544 on the previous year.

He gets a base pay of just $818,804. The rest is made up of a performance payments, profit shares, equity awards, other share-based payments including performance share units and short term employee benefits.

The rest of the $124 million was shared by Moore’s 11 direct reports.

  • Stephen Allen, chief risk officer – $7,305,102
  • T.C. Bishop, head of Macquarie Capital – $8,068,025
  • Ben Brazil, co-head of the Corporate and Asset Finance – $16,883,877
  • Andrew Downe, head of Commodities and Global Markets – $15,445,732
  • G.A. Farrell, co-head of Corporate and Asset Finance – $10,130,473
  • Michael McLaughlin, country head, US – $3,809,503
  • M.J. Reemst, Macquarie Bank Limited managing director and CEO – $4,742,813
  • Nicole Sorbara, COO – $5,813,557
  • Patrick Upfold, CFO – $6,297,451
  • G.C. Ward deputy managing director, head of Banking and Financial Services – $9,456,996
  • Shemara Wikramanayake, head of Macquarie Asset Management Group – $17,339,653

Here’s how Macquarie’s remuneration system works:

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