Will Tiger's Next PR Move Be Rehab For Sex Addiction?

Tiger Woods confesses to affairs

As more and more women say they’ve had sex with Tiger Woods, the notion of “Tiger Woods: Sex Addict” is being tossed around the blogosphere.

Naturally, Dr. Drew is weighing in, saying: “It’s safe to say that sex addiction might be part of his problem.”

And sex addiction has been claimed by a bevy of stars including Michael Douglas and David Duchovny, who recently went to rehab for it. Now, Duchovny is back with wife Tea Leoni with his image more or less intact.  So sex-addiction rehab might have saved his marriage and his image.

Duchovny is no Tiger Woods, in terms of billion-dollar global reach rested on a squeaky-clean public persona.  But America loves to blame its behaviour on medical problems (“It wasn’t me–it was my problem!”), and it loves to forgive those who admit they have such problems.  So the same tactic might work for Tiger.  (It would also be good for Tiger’s sponsors, who are now tacitly endorsing his sleeping with anyone who moves).

In private, Woods was nothing like we thought.  Tiger’s expanding black book suggests he might have deeper issues that require some discussion with therapists (or, at least, that he might be able to blame on “a problem” instead of just mindless cheating). If such is the case, he might consider pulling a Duchovny: He might enter rehab for sex addiction.

If he’s doing this to help his image, he needs to be public about it: He must hold a press conference, face the cameras and apologise to his family, fans and business associates.  If Woods can successfully persuade people that he has a problem, he’ll be quickly forgiven. 

But he screws it up–and makes it appear he’s just blaming a “problem” to rescue his image–he’ll be worse off than he is now.

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