How LivingSocial + = One Crazy Idea

When you’re looking at the deals that come into your e-mail box each day, most of them get deleted.  And when you’re browsing Facebook or moving the Twitter updates up and down, you’re probably dismissing most of the information you see.  But yesterday was different.

On many Facebook boards and Twitter feeds was the deal from LivingSocial that you could spend $10 to get a $20 gift card.  And it WASN’T a scam.  All you needed to do was sign up for LivingSocial, pay for the deal, and then you were one of the lucky ones – for just $10.

What’s even more surprising about this deal is that LivingSocial was the one that footed the bill.  Most of the time, the merchants who post deals on sites like LivingSocial and Groupon will simply take a cut in profit in order to drive more people to take the deal.  In this case, LivingSocial bought the gift cards and then sold them at the lower price, causing a rush of buyers to pick up their $10 deal.

As of yesterday morning, 1,301,296 of these gift cards were purchased, helping to make this one of the most successful LivingSocial deals of all time.

And really, is it any wonder? With the strong brand power of, it seems that this deal was destined to be a hit with everyone.  You can buy anything at, and with twice the money, you can buy twice as much.

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