How Oracle Thumbed Its Nose At Salesforce By Acquiring Eloqua

Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison

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One of the things Oracle bought on Thursday when it acquired Eloqua for $871 million was an in with a lot of’s customers.BMO Capital Markets analyst Karl Keirstead, believes that half or more of Eloqua’s customers are also customers.

That’s an interesting advantage for Oracle who is 1) trying to keep Salesforce from poaching customers from its Siebel software unit and 2) trying to snare Salesforce customers onto it’s own new cloud.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison insisted that he’s doing just that, telling Wall Street analysts on Tuesday, “We’re getting good wins against Salesforce.”

Keirstead believes that Salesforce might turn around and acquire a competitor to Eloqua.

That would be similar to how the two companies made back-to-back acquisitions of social media management companies.

Oracle bought Vitrue for $300 million in May and a few days later Salesforce grabbed Buddy Media for over $800 million.

Keirstead tossed around Marketo and HubSpot as possible targets by Salesforce.

Eloqua is a cloud service that helps companies automate and evaluate their marketing tasks from email campaigns to social media. It went public in August, with an IPO share price of $11.50 and was trading at about $17 before Oracle bought it for a 30% premium of $23.50 per share.

Oracle plans to use Eloqua as the centerpriece of a new cloud module it will call Oracle Marketing Cloud, execs said. Even that is a dig at Salesforce, which earlier this year introduced what it calls its Social Marketing Cloud, a unit that combines Buddy Media with another company it acquired, Radian6.

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