How La Trobe University is using real-time data to enhance the student experience

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Making decisions — no matter how big or small — about the future direction of your business can be tricky. Having access to data helps, but takes time. So, what if you could get some of that time back?

La Trobe University has implemented a next-generation business suite to allow it to access real time data, making informed choices faster, better and more accurately.

At 50 years old, and with around 35,000 students, La Trobe University finds itself in an increasingly competitive environment that is also adjusting to limitations in funding. Finding a financial solution to help shape the future direction of the University — which programs to increase, which facilities to enhance — with a basis in reliable data for fast and accurate decision making, was vital.

La Trobe’s on premise finance system has been replaced with the SAP Simple Finance application, part of the SAP S/4HANA business suite.

“Technology underpins everything we do, our courses are all based on really good quality data,” says La Trobe CIO and Executive Director, Peter Nikoletatos.

“That data has to come at the right time with trust and integrity around it. We chose a partner that could help us become game changers.”

Moving multiple legacy systems onto one drastically simplifies an IT landscape and data footprint. And by running applications such as SAP Simple Finance, organisations are now able to execute business processes significantly more efficiently than before.

The aim with La Trobe has been to take the latency out of the way decisions are made, returning more time to staff, students and researchers.

One outcome from this has been cost savings from the increased efficiency. La Trobe now has a benchmark of 20 percent efficiency.

To find out how SAP 4/HANA’s suite of business applications can help your business Run Simple — connect real-time information and completely re-imagine how you operate — visit the website.

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